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18 Best Home Decor Lighting Items For 2022

We've compiled 18 stunning home decor lighting options within six categories to give you inspiration and help you find that perfect piece.

Looking for head-turning light fixtures for your living room, dining room, or kitchen? Whether you're going for a simple, minimalist look or want to make your lamp the standout element of your space, you're going to want to explore different design options.

We've compiled 18 stunning home decor lighting options within six categories to give you inspiration and help you find that perfect piece.

Keep reading to explore featured lighting fixtures in each of these categories:

  • Table Lamps
  • Floor Lamps
  • Chandeliers
  • Flush Lamps
  • Wall Lamps
  • Geometric Pendants

Table Lamps

1. LED Single Clip Table Lamp

Led Single Clip Table Lamp // Sandy GoldLed Single Clip Table Lamp // Sandy Gold

Gold accents add a lavish and elegant touch to any room, and this Sandy Gold LED Single Clip table lamp is no exception. Made with high-quality aluminum, acrylic, and durable polished finishes, this anti-fading, scratch-resistant lamp will maintain its functionality for years.

2. Chrome Acrylic Table Lamp

Finesse Decor Acrylic Table Lamp // ChromeFinesse Decor Acrylic Table Lamp // Chrome

This acrylic table lamp brings classic elements together with more abstract components. Perfect for living rooms or bedrooms, this lamp has just the right amount of subtleness to blend effortlessly into the space without taking away from the rest of the interior.

3. Hong Kong LED Short Table Lamp

Hong Kong LED Short Table Lamp // ChromeHong Kong LED Short Table Lamp // Chrome

This versatile table lamp suits a variety of spaces, from living rooms to bedrooms to offices. The electric-efficient lamp illuminates your room in a subtle way, with a light that falls in between "warm white" and "daylight white," which won't fatigue your eyes. Plus, the LED Strip can last over 30,000 hours.


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4. Acrylic Tube Table Lamp

Table Lamp // Acrylic TubeTable Lamp // Acrylic Tube

Enjoy a sleek, modern, and whimsical table lamp that is subtle enough to not take away from other decor and furniture in your room, but unique enough to give your space some flair. This table lamp is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and more - the metal finish gives it a polished, neutral look.

Floor Lamps

1. Three Ring Arc Floor Lamp

LED Three Ring Arc Floor lamp // ChromeLED Three Ring Arc Floor lamp // Chrome

Tall, sleek, and guaranteed to stand out in your interior design, this LED floor lamp features three adjustable rings that can extend over furniture to offer direct light on the surface of your choice. The versatile floor lamp also has a floor dimmer that allows you to change the brightness settings.

2. Munich LED Floor Lamp

Finesse Decor Munich LED Sandy Gold 63Finesse Decor Munich LED Sandy Gold 63

If you're looking for a statement piece for your space, this gold floor lamp can't be overlooked. The unique design delivers style while serving its purpose to light up the room. This lamp also features a floor dimmer and a footswitch to allow you to easily adjust the brightness or turn it off.

3. Sparkling Crystal LED Floor Lamp

Sparkling Crystal LED Floor Lamp // 5 LightSparkling Crystal LED Floor Lamp // 5 Light

Light fixtures come in all types of styles, but this crystal LED floor lamp is truly unique. The five crystal cylinders add the ultimate luxurious touch while also providing plenty of brightness to your space. Sturdy and tall, this piece is a can't-miss when it comes to home decor.

4. Hong Kong LED Floor Lamp

Hong Kong LED Floor Lamp // Matte BlackHong Kong LED Floor Lamp // Matte Black

This elegant matte black floor lamp combines minimalism, elegance, and style to create the perfect fixture for your living space. The three ring lights of different heights illuminate a room beautifully, and the brightness can easily be adjusted. Not only is this lamp stunning to look at - it's very durable and built to last for years.


1. Crystal Chandelier Double Helix

Crystal Chandelier Double Helix// 7 LightCrystal Chandelier Double Helix// 7 Light

Ceiling lights are a perfect way to make a bold statement in any room - this chandelier is no exception. The long crystal detailing cascades in a spiral formation, providing a high-end, luxurious look that draws the eyes to it without taking away from the rest of the room. Perfect for dining rooms and spaces with high ceilings, you'll definitely want to add this light fixture to your 2022 decor list.

2. Harmony 5 Light Chandelier

Harmony 5 Light ChandelierHarmony 5 Light Chandelier

Whether you're accenting a dining room or want a unique light fixture for your kitchen, this chandelier is an excellent addition to your home decor. The fixture has five 7" long crystals that reflect the light in a stunning way.

3. Knotted LED Dimmable Chandelier

Knotted LED Dimmable Chandelier // ChromeKnotted LED Dimmable Chandelier // Chrome

This abstract lamp will surely turn heads. Both functional and a stunning accent to your space, the knotted chandelier has a chrome finish along with adjustable wires to suit your room. Each wire can be adjusted on its own, so you can even use it for a sloped ceiling if you desire.


1. Grand Crystal Waterfall

Grand Crystal Waterfall // Small 6 LightGrand Crystal Waterfall // Small 6 Light

This chandelier pendant light fixture is both eye-catching and illuminating. The pendants shine bright while the LED lights provide substantial brightness to whatever space you use them for. Those looking for an elegant piece will appreciate this decorative fixture.

2. Crystal Round Chandelier Pendant

Cinderella Crystal Round Chandelier PendantCinderella Crystal Round Chandelier Pendant

Sophisticated and modern, this crystal round chandelier pendant offers an ambient look for your space. The light is reflected brilliantly through the crystals, and the stainless steel details provide durability. Those with a love for contemporary interior design will enjoy this piece in their homes.

3. Grand Crystal Waterfall

Grand Crystal Waterfall // Large 6 LightGrand Crystal Waterfall // Large 6 Light

If you want the perfect home lighting item to wow your guests, look no further. Great for a dining room, the pendants beautifully cascade and reflect light to shine brightly, providing a great ambiance for your space. This dimmable chandelier is great for a cozy dinner party or a lively event.

Wall Lights

1. Vintage Chrome Vanity With 6 Lights

FN-1505-2Vintage Chrome Vanity // 6 Light

Ideal for bathrooms, these vintage chrome vanity lights create a bright space while also adding a dazzling touch to your home. These LED lights bring functionality and style together to create the ultimate home decor pieces.

2. Vintage Chrome Vanity With 1 Light

Vintage Chrome Vanity // 1 LightVintage Chrome Vanity // 1 Light

If you have a smaller space or bathroom that doesn't need as many light bulbs, or you simply want to customize the arrangement of the bulbs, these single chrome vanity lights are an excellent option. They fit nicely into any bathroom interior design while still giving it a unique flair.

Geometric Pendants

1. Triple Vintage Pendant Lamp

Triple Vintage Pendant Lamp- BlackTriple Vintage Pendant Lamp- Black

Whether you're looking for more of an unfinished look or simply love the minimalism of the vintage lamp style, these pendant lamps work great in practically any space, whether it's a room, kitchen, or office. The rustic lamp features a rectangular base with gold pieces to give it a classic look.

2. Geometric Pendant

Adelide Geometric Pendant // 3 LightAdelide Geometric Pendant // 3 Light

Geometric lighting decor is always in, so for 2022, you should not leave this one out from your home design plans. The vintage look works well for any room, whether you're going for a minimalist or more abstract look. This trendy design is both subtle and artistic - your guests will surely notice this piece.

Find the Perfect Home Lighting Decor For Your Needs

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